One Lovely Blog Award

onelovelyblog-awardEeeek! I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the awesome Plan B Chronicles. This wonderfully fierce lady has given me so much inspiration from her posts. She really has her ish together! hehe. Thanks for the nomination hun ❤

The criteria for accepting a One Lovely Blog Award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. List the rules.
  3. List seven (7) facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate  15 other bloggers and let them know you did. (I don’t think I even follow 15 other bloggers lol, so my list might be a tad short. I’m a bit of a WordPress newbie)
  5.  Display the award logo and follow your nominator.


  1. I started this journey as a single lesbian. My sexuality is all over the place at the moment, but I’m still single and a hardcore advocator of LGBT rights.
  2. I found my sperm donor on a Free Donor website. I researched the whole process for about 3 years before choosing to go down this route, and spoke to him for about 4 months before deciding to use him. We stay in regular contact, even when i’m not actively ttc. He’s a great guy.
  3. I’m a vegetarian, and plan on raising my little one the same. However, after giving it a lot of thought, I decided to let my mother feed my baby organic, locally sourced meat. I plan to let my child have the final say in what they eat, but I will only cook vegetarian/vegan meals at home.
  4. I love everything there is to love about natural parenting/. Cloth nappies, co-sleeping, baby wearing, doulas, extended breast feeding, attachment parenting. I plan on doing it all! My poor child to be and their hippy mother lol.
  5. My parents are Caribbean, but I was born and raised in the UK. I hope I can teach my child a balance of their west Indian and British roots, and as much of their other side as I can. It helps that my donor is french and my mother’s country (Dominica) is a french speaking island, so there will be a lot of digging into french history/language.
  6. I used to sing in a funk band. When I was at uni I was in a 10 piece funk band. I love singing. I come from a long line of singers and musicians. I’ve even been looking into singing through birth as a form of pain relief. I also want to write my own lullaby for my baby.
  7. I have a female cat called Robert. Right now she is my baby and I treat her as such. She was born on my lap, as her mother (who sadly went missing) was my cat. She’s super clingy and meows at everything.


  • LOVEcomaDANI – She’s pregnant now!!! But I found her whole journey incredibly inspirational.
  • Big Trouble In Little Nappies – The funniest ttc/parenting blog I’ve ever read. Her posts are addictive.
  • Laura and Amy’s Making a Baby Adventure – I met these ladies on a forum and have been following/stalking them ever since. Lovely girls who I have a lot in common with, ttc wise.
  • Planting Beans – I love this girl. Got a lot in common, irregular cycles etc. Her posts always ring true for me. Plus she’s just so nice.
  • Baby Dreams & Love  – Had to nominate my ttc buddy! I met this amazingly wonderful young lady on another forum. She seriously rocks! We’re both ttc as smbc and have a lot of other stuff in common. I love her natural toy and cute baby outfit posts.
  • Plan B Chronicles – Even if she didn’t nominate me, this lady would still be in my list. I am in awe of how much she knows about the whole IVF process. As I might also have to go down this route in the very near future, I find blogs like her’s extremely inspirational and motivational. This lovely lady knows her stuff!

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